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Claudine Levêque

WIith her training and experience in team coaching, socio-psychology and French,as a  linguist and lecturer, Claudine Levêque trains and coaches managers and teams in the development of human resources.

She works inside institutions, but also in inter-institutional training,  and privately as well. As a trainer in Technesthésie, she manages the training of trainers. She also teaches the methodology of French in a TeacherTtraining College.

She teaches seminars in several universities and training centres all over Europe, about her research on language teaching and the impact of oral communication in any professional act. She has co-written a book about Technesthésie.

Her symbol is the "diastase", a catalysor whose presence triggers a reaction and lets energy off in the environment..





 Armand Henrion graduated in English, Dutch and General Linguistics. He has been a lecturer for many years, he was the dean of his institution, then spent seven years as the manager of International Affairs in that same institution. He is also a translator in human sciences and a novelist.

Armand Henrion trains adults in the improvement of the mastery of their English, both for personal and professional reasons , individually, in groups and inside institutions.

He translates documents and websites from English into French and vice-versa.

He works on the proofreading of your English texts if you are not a native speaker of the language, both for style and form. He has a large experience of International Relations and of the prominent role of English in those circles.

He teaches semianrs all over Europe on the teaching of languages  and the European systems of education.

His work as a writer is a grat asset for his proofreading skills.

He is a certified translator in Human Sciences for De Boeck Université.

 He has trained language teaching trainees  for over thirty years.




 Universities: Worcester and Winchester (UK), Levanger (Norway), Riga (Latvia), Tarnow (Poland), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Kreuzlingen and Fribourg (Switzerland) , Klagenfurt (Austria), Nitra(Slovakia), Coimbra (Portugal), Courtrai and Hasselt (Belgium), Chicoutimi (Quebec).

De Boeck Université

Haute Ecole Blaise Pascal

Paedagogische Hochschule Kärnten Klagenfurt Austria